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EZTV Unblock / Mirrors Proxy Sites List (May 2023)

The most popular TV show torrent site was ZTV. It served as a one-stop shop for excellent TV shows and episodes. But as usual, the website was shut down after ten years of outstanding service to TV fans. Despite the growth of streaming services, people still look for it.

Italy, Germany, the USA, the UK, and many others have outlawed the website. At that time, EZTV also experimented with various domain names. And eventually, they were all apprehended. But access to the well-known torrenting site can be obtained through mirror sites. As a result, we have developed a list of EZTV proxy sites currently effectively unblocking EZTV.

Best Working EZTV Proxy Sites List

The top EZTV proxy sites are always time-consuming to provide. The complete list of EZTV mirror sites is shown below.

https://yts-official.com/ πŸ₯‡Online 24/7 (Recommended πŸ’– )
https://official-yts.com/ πŸ‘ŒOnline 24/7 (Recommended πŸ’– )
https://yify.uno/ πŸ‘ŒOnline
https://yts.plus/ πŸ₯‡Online
https://yts.promo/ πŸ₯‰Online
https://yts.gift/ πŸ₯‰Online
https://yts.pics/ πŸ₯‰Online
https://yifystatus.live/ πŸ₯‡Online
https://ytsproxies.co/ πŸ₯‡Online
http://yifymovies.bio/ βœ…Online
http://yifytv.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsag.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsam.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsautos.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsio.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsmovies.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytsrs.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytss.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytstv.bio/ βœ…Online
http://ytstvseries.bio/ βœ…Online
http://1337x.bio/ βœ…Online
http://1337x.help/ βœ…Online
http://eztv.wiki/ βœ…Online
http://rarbg.store/ βœ…Online
http://zooqle.ink/ βœ…Online
Best Streaming sites (FMovies Alternatives )Status
https://fmovies-official.org/Online 24/7 (Recommended πŸ’– )
https://fmoviesto.homes/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://fmoviesto.cloud/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://fmoviesto.movie/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://fmovies.miami/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://fmovies.gr.com/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://fmoviesz-official.com/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://lookmovie-official.com/Online 24/7 (Recommended πŸ’– πŸ‘ )
https://lookmovie2-official.org/Online 24/7 (Recommended πŸ’– πŸ‘ )
https://letmewatchthis-official.site/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://flixtor-official.site/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://movies7-official.site/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://f2movies-official.site/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://flixhq-official.site/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://bflix-official.site/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://openload-official.site/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://movies2watch-official.site/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://moviewatcher-official.site/Online 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://bestyify.site/OnlineOnline 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://bestyts.site/OnlineOnline 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://openyifytv.site/OnlineOnline 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://tvyify-movie.site/OnlineOnline 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://tvyify-movies.site/OnlineOnline 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://tvytsmovies.site/OnlineOnline 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://unblockedyify.site/OnlineOnline 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://unblockedyts.site/OnlineOnline 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://yify-torrent.site/OnlineOnline 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://yifytvnew.site/OnlineOnline 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://ytstvnew.site/OnlineOnline 24/7 (NEW πŸ₯‡ )
https://yts.health/ βœ…Online
https://yifyproxies.com/ βœ…Online
1.https://yts.health/ βœ…OnlineVery Fast
https://yify.bio/ βœ…OnlineVery Fast
2.https://yify.world/ βœ…OnlineVery Fast
https://yts-mx.bio/ βœ…OnlineVery Fast
10.https://yify.cam/OnlineVery Fast

The fact that all of the attractions mentioned are accessible in most areas is the best part. I don’t know about you, but every proxy site is functional for me. You can try another site from the list if you run into any issues.

how to get eztv series

Why is EZTV Blocked and Banned?

It is always considered illegal to manipulate someone else’s digital content ownership. Being a torrent site, it invested a lot in providing well-known movies and TV episodes on the website without collecting a fee. The average person could benefit from watching TV shows on demand. In contrast, it wasn’t perfect for all creators.

In the end, EZTV prohibited the distribution of infringing content in 2015. They have penalized the website everywhere they could, from content restriction to ISP. However, following the hostile takeover, the website’s original creator decided to stop.

How Does EZTV Proxy Server Function and What Is It?

A proxy provides access to anonymous website browsing. Acts as a go-between for a user and the server. Our data passes through the distant server when we employ the proxy network. Bypassing the blocking of any website is helpful. Nobody can even determine your original IP address.
EZTV proxy sites allow us to access EZTV. Use a new remote server so that our ISP or the government can’t track our activity using the internet protocol. We travel to the destination as several individuals from various places. As a result, unblocking websites from workplace limits, regional prohibitions, and many other restrictions is simple.eztv series

Benefits of EZTV Proxy Websites

What else do we require to access EZTV via EZTV proxy sites? But right now, you should be aware of many more advantages of EZTV proxy sites.

  • It does, however, enhance security and privacy. It protects our personal information and allows for private and secure browsing.
  • Using a proxy allows us to conceal our actual IP address.
  • Always examine potentially hazardous websites.
  • It also helps to get over a website’s block.
  • It often has a solid caching system and delivers a good internet connection.
  • Your browsing habits and history are kept private.

VPN’s Function in Unblocking the EZTV Proxy

For your safety, I always advise using a VPN when accessing proxy websites. It establishes a link between a user and the internet. To deliver data to the web server, a VPN helps you route your connection through its server.

Your original IP is below it because it runs on its server. There is virtually little probability that you will be found. Even if you can be found, you won’t be able to explain where you are.

Additionally, VPN always speeds up downloading and browsing. Data breaches are less likely as a result. Even better, it aids in helping you and the system find the best websites. Most essential, proxy servers and VPNs consistently collaborate positively.

#2 List OF Streaming Sites in 2024 :

  1. Couchpotato: A cozy destination for popular movies and TV shows, ideal for relaxed viewing.
  2. Movie2K: Features a diverse range of high-definition movies for cinema enthusiasts.
  3. M4UHD: Offers ultra-high-definition streaming for a premium movie-watching experience.
  4. Vidics: A hub for latest movies and TV series with an emphasis on variety and quality.
  5. CouchTuner: Specializes in streaming TV shows, with a focus on convenience and variety.
  6. Gomoviz: Provides a wide selection of movies with an emphasis on global cinema.
  7. Leonflix: A platform for streaming a mix of classic and contemporary films and shows.
  8. Zona: Offers a unique collection of movies and series with user-friendly navigation.
  9. HDWatch: Delivers high-definition streaming for a visually stunning viewing experience.
  10. QMovies: Curates a quality selection of films across various genres for movie lovers.
  11. Moviestowatch: A go-to site for discovering new and trending movies across genres.
  12. Dopebox: Features an eclectic mix of movies and shows, catering to diverse tastes.
  13. HDHub4U: A hub for ultra-high-definition content, from blockbusters to niche films.
  14. SolarMoviez: Specializes in solar-themed movies and environmentally conscious content.
  15. TodayPK: Offers a daily updated selection of movies, focusing on current releases.
  16. FZTVSeries: Dedicated to TV series enthusiasts, with a focus on full-season streaming.
  17. Goojara: A diverse platform for movies and TV shows with a user-friendly interface.
  18. KatMovieHD: Specializes in high-definition movies with a wide range of genres.
  19. Spacemov: Offers space-themed movies and series, perfect for sci-fi aficionados.
  20. 1HD: Delivers a premium one-stop HD streaming experience for movie enthusiasts.
  21. UHDMovies: A destination for ultra-high-definition movie streaming.
  22. 0Gomovies: Features a zero-compromise approach to quality movie streaming.
  23. WatchMoviesHD: Provides a high-definition streaming experience for movie lovers.
  24. Series9: Specializes in streaming popular and critically acclaimed TV series.
  25. PRMovies: Focuses on public relations-themed movies and educational content.
  26. SubsMovies: Offers movies with a variety of subtitle options for global audiences.
  27. UpMovies: A platform for up-and-coming movies and independent films.
  28. SnagFilms: Specializes in independent films and documentaries, offering a unique cinematic experience.
  29. Uflix: A user-friendly platform that streams a diverse range of movies and TV shows.
  30. 123TV: Offers live TV streaming with a focus on convenience and a wide channel selection.
  31. 123TVNow: Provides immediate access to live TV channels, emphasizing real-time streaming.
  32. SockShare: A diverse streaming site known for its vast collection of movies and series.
  33. Noxx: A site offering a world of entertainment with a vast collection of movies and TV shows to satisfy streaming cravings.
  34. HeyMovies: This destination offers a wide range of films and television series, providing a diverse selection for all viewing preferences.
  35. VidSrc: Brings an extensive library of movies and shows, making it a prime choice for streaming enthusiasts seeking high-quality content.
  36. FBox: A cinematic universe where viewers can enjoy a plethora of movies and series spanning various genres and eras.
  37. Supernova: Allows users to experience a supernova of entertainment with the latest movies and TV shows.
  38. HollyMovieHD: Serves as a ticket to Hollywood’s finest, offering an array of blockbuster films and top-notch TV series.
  39. NetMovies: A haven for film enthusiasts, providing a vast assortment of movies and television content from around the world.
  40. MKVKing: Caters to cinephiles with a comprehensive collection of movies and series, all available in high-quality MKV format.
  41. Levidia: Offers a diverse library of films and TV shows, making it a go-to platform for streaming favorite content.
  42. PrimeFlix: A gateway to premium streaming, offering a selection of exclusive movies and series not found elsewhere.
  43. CineHub: Features a wide variety of cinematic gems from across the globe, ensuring there’s something for every cinephile.
  44. EuropixHD: A one-stop destination for European cinema and beyond, providing a curated selection of films and TV series.
  45. BFlixz: Brings an eclectic mix of movies and series, delivering hours of entertainment with a touch of uniqueness.
  46. ConTV: Offers a blend of classic and contemporary content, perfect for nostalgia-driven viewing.
  47. HuraMovies: A place to discover hidden gems and cult classics, offering a refreshing streaming experience.
  48. FlixWave: An online oasis for immersive entertainment, providing engaging movies and series for all tastes.
  49. WatchSeries: A go-to source for binge-worthy TV shows, ensuring a non-stop supply of captivating series.
  50. Flixtorz: Delivers thrilling movies and series, catering to those with a penchant for adrenaline-pumping content.
  51. FavMovies: Allows users to curate their own list of favorite films and series, providing a personalized streaming experience.
  52. Soaper: Specializes in soap operas and drama series, making it the ultimate destination for fans of emotional storytelling.
  53. HDObox: Offers a treasure trove of high-definition movies and series, ensuring a crystal-clear streaming experience.
  54. SwatchSeries: A platform for keeping up with the latest TV series, ensuring viewers never miss an episode of their favorite shows.
  55. LokLok: Brings a diverse collection of movies and series from various regions, providing a global perspective on entertainment.

However, poor VPN service may cause you problems. Choose the best one possible to access EZTV proxy sites. Here is what we think would be best:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IP Vanish VPN
  3. CyberGhost VPN
  4. Private VPN
  5. Proton VPN
  6. Private VPN Access
  7. Nord VPN

Best Alternatives to EZTV Proxy

However, EZTV is optional for only some of the community of TV fans. You can utilize any of the numerous other well-known torrent websites. They provide noticeably more services than EZTV, including movies, games, software, and documentaries. The finest EZTV substitutes are listed below in case the EZTV proxy isn’t functioning for you.

  • The Pirate Bay Proxy List
  • 1337x Proxy List
  • YIFY Proxy List
  • KickAss Proxy List
  • ExtraTorrents Proxy List

Last Words

These are the top EZTV proxy sites. To unblock EZTV, every single EZTV mirror site is entirely functional. One by one, we evaluated each site. Do you still need help with this? Comment below and let us know.

EZTV: Unblock Official EZTV New Site (May 2023)
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